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The Dhaka Art Summit (Seismic Movements 2020) is a movement that belongs to all of us.  A movement of nearly half a million people coming together over nine days in February 2020, more than a million strong over nearly ten years.  Compendium is an imperfect kinetic collection of images, writing and references to help extend our thinking and learning.  It is a celebration of the makers and thinkers and photo takers. It is a provocation centred on the power of art, our humanity, our on-going journey.


We have also included a page with links to our ART AROUND THE TABLE series, which follows DAS2020.


Top of page: Dancing/printmaking with Pangrok Sulap. Photo credit: from Pangrok Sulap Facebook page. Above: Rashid Talukder, Arms drill by women members of the Chatro Union, 1 March 1971. Courtesy of Drik Picture Library. Photo credit: Randhir Singh.


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