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The Spell Song -2019-2020

Hand woven Tangail Sari (Traditional cloths), cotton, thread and nails.

Project for Samdani Art Award 2020, Dhaka Art Summit


'Bangla, my national language has a glorious history and rich for its literature as well from long time. Folk literature which is the oral version of the literature created by the communities who are illiterate and passed down orally from generation to generation. Later it becomes collective product, which assumes the traditions, emotions, thoughts and values of life. For this project I have chosen some very common and popular say in Bangla, and create the text sari, cotton and threads. With the help of my elder sisters and the women from my home worked on the project.'


- Najmun Nahar


Images: Top left: Randhir Singh.  All other images courtesy of the artist.

Sewing-machine Installation

Not the tiger of the jungle should ye fear, but the one roaming in your mind.

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